Cleaning products needed to clean your home

To keep our family healthy, the cleanliness of our homes is crucial. To maintain hygiene, we must perform basic cleaning every day, such as washing dishes, sweeping, wiping surfaces, etc. Obviously, these thorough cleanings cannot be done every day.

Cleaning and disinfecting our house is not only a hard and boring task, but it is also necessary to avoid contracting any disease caused by viruses or bacteria on surfaces or in the environment. Cleaning will be easier and more pleasant the more prepared you are and the more cleaning tools you have.

It is important that, before you start cleaning your house, you buy all the necessary utensils and wholesale products. Here are some cleaning products that you should always have in your cleaning cupboard:

  • Cleaner with antibacterial properties

This is ideal for disinfecting and cleaning counters, sinks, floors, and walls. Before cleaning or disinfecting, all surfaces must be free of solids and dust. Do not forget to dilute the appropriate amount with water according to the instructions. To begin cleaning, apply it with a damp cloth or spray it on the surface. The disinfectant cleaner not only kills germs but also gives your environment a pleasant scent.

  • Multipurpose Alcohol

Allows to disinfect in a short time inert surfaces with frequent contact, such as doors, countertops, light switches, and knobs, among others.

  • Disinfecting and degreasing wet wipes

For those surfaces that require cleaning and disinfection, it is a 2-in-1 product, since it eliminates dirt and reduces the load of microorganisms. In addition, it has a pleasant aroma. Due to its degreasing power, it can also be used to remove grease from the kitchen, countertops, etc.

  • Glass cleaner

Essential for removing stains and dirt from all mirrors, glass, windows, cutlery, and all glass objects in your home.

  • Antiscale

Your bathroom needs this cleaning solution as it removes scale from ceramics, toilets, walls, and bathrooms.

  • Furniture polish

Allows you to provide a delicate shine and clean appearance to furniture, adding a touch of beauty.

  • Enzymatic or powder detergent

It is a tactical tool to wash clothes and get rid of perspiration and stains, depending on the presentation you want.

  • Sweeper and dustpan

The ideal equipment to remove and clean dust from your home is a floor wiper. Before applying any type of disinfectant to the floor, you must first wipe the floor to remove all dust and debris. Only then can you apply the disinfectant itself.

  • Mop

No matter if the floor is ceramic or wood, these cleaning utensils allow you to correctly apply the disinfectant you are going to use on it. To avoid fungus or mildew, you should wash it well after use and let it dry.

  • Disinfectant for fruits and vegetables

This is a crucial tool you should use to clean fruits and vegetables before eating them. It helps prevent diseases caused by microbes.

You can be sure that your home will always be clean and disinfected for your and your family's health with the help of these essential cleaning products.

To remove dust, dirt, and germs from frequent use of a space, I advise cleaning it thoroughly every 15 days and doing a basic cleaning every day. Never combine chemicals unless instructed to do so by a qualified person.